A little introduction

Hello and welcome to our blog. Before we start sharing some of our projects with all you lovely people, we thought we should tell you a little bit about us and how Reilly Creative started.

Kieron and I have always been creative, both having art degrees and having jobs in the art industry. However, we realised that what makes us happiest is creating art that brings joy to others. Whether it was painting a mural, designing wedding signage or drawing a caricature, the common theme was that we were making something that added a bit of happiness to someone's life. So, we thought we would work together to create a service where people can have a conversation with us and we can create exactly what they want, and hopefully put a smile on their face.

Why Reilly Creative? Kieron and I were meant to be married in May 2020, but because of you know, the global pandemic that plan changed slightly. Fingers crossed for this year. As we will both eventually have the same last name, we thought Reilly had to be part of our business. We are also two people that love a little pun and as Reilly sounds a lot like really and we wanted our business to be really creative, Reilly Creative was a no brainer. We actually decided on this name on the holiday Kieron proposed to me nearly three whole years ago. So, it is wonderful to actually be writing about it , in our own blog on Reilly Creative's website.

We can't wait to share lots of little snippets into our business with you, we plan on sharing case studies about different projects and commissions, because we love the stories that go behind everything we make.

If you would like to find out more about what we do head over to our homepage and start exploring.


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